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Aurobindo Pharma Constrained may be a pharmaceutical fabricating company headquartered in HITEC City, Hyderabad, India. The company makes bland pharmaceuticals and dynamic pharmaceutical fixings. The company’s zone of movement incorporates six major therapeutic/product regions: anti-microbial, antiretroviral, cardiovascular items, central anxious framework items, gastroenterological, and anti-allergic.The company markets these items in over 125 countries.

Aurobindo Pharma highlights among the best 10 companies in India in terms of solidified revenues.[3] Aurobindo sends out to over 125 nations over the globe with more than 70% of its incomes determined out of universal operations.

These are just basic introduction of this company; there is reason why we are discussing about this company. If one have bought stock of Auropharma on 23rd March 2020 at 288.85.

From that level it have almost doubled itself. Return of about 80-90%.Crazy right this type of opportunity was there. Don’t feel bad if you missed out that days still there is opportunity to buy this stock at correction.

Right now as you can see stock looking very bullish and having uptrend formation. It  is trading around 542 ,these level were there when nifty used to trade around 12000. So what we look from here is all different story. There are various resistance level which this stock have to cross. If its done then back again on levels of 850. There are three level i.e  R1 546, R2 570 ,R3 599. Theme of Pharma is alredy into play and stock are getting response on it . there should not be any issue in grossing this level .


Type R1 R2 R3 PP S1 S2 S3
Classic 563.37 584.03 599.92 547.48 526.82 510.93 490.27
Fibonacci 561.45 570.07 584.03 547.48 533.52 524.90 510.93
Camarilla 546.05 549.40 552.75 547.48 539.35 536.00 532.65

When we see valuation on standalone bases it seems quit lucrative. First of all when see ticket size it’s quit comfortable to buy stock of this price. When we see P/E it’s comfortable than its pees.

Various experts of stock market keep on talking about this stock and give buy recommendation. There is another future outlook thing that is happing globally. China hold large share of Anti-Biotic medicine market for U.S market. After world will recover from COVID-19, there might be chance that U.S and other country will boycott product and services of China. Under that condition countries like India and Indian companies will gain benefit of this entire situation. As on today Auro pharma export its medicine to 125 countries. Right know whole need medicine near future margin and order book will be enhance.

The above article is written by Navin Kumar

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